The MADE IN ROMA project aims to promote and enhance the cultural heritage of the City of Rome. Via the creation of a clothing and accessory fashion line, MADE IN ROMA, focuses on spreading the ancient culture of the Urbs Aeterna and promoting the image of Rome, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  • Culture

    Colosseum - Rome Landscape

    Living or visiting Rome means living surrounded by artistic marvels and historical monuments that tell of the ancient world. Rome is now the capital of the Italian Republic and was the capital of the Roman Empire and the heart of Catholic Christianity. Its historic centre, superimposition of testimonies of nearly three millennia, is one of the most fascinating in the world. more→


  • Concept

    Concept Made in Roma

    This section illustrates the projects carried out in our workshop, taking the various themes described in the Culture section. The Made in Roma concept consists in the study and graphic reworking of information, symbols and legends regarding the City of Rome and its culture. The Concept work is divided mainly into sections that represent many different ways for interpreting the culture of the Urbs Aeterna. more→


  • Collections

    Collections Made in Roma

    The idea, the symbol and the image developed in the Concept section take form and become an emblematic and distinctive product representing the area and its culture. The product accordingly takes its inspiration from the area, where it is also manufactured (Made in Italy), to then finally become an instrument for promotion and enhancement of the area itself. collections→